Covenant Educational 


Certificate and Training Programs Available







 Workshop & Seminars

We are equipping, empowering, and educating individuals for evangelism. 

We conduct marriage, family, and ministry seminars using material from our private practice in counseling. The material mixes faith with behavioral science to improve relationships and ministries with practical application.

Personality Assessments

These are self-report measurements of what might be called traits, temperaments, or dispositions. The benefits of using these assessments include an increased ability to predict probable attitudes and behaviors that could ultimately influence the individual's success or failure, thusly impacting ministries, relationships, and family dynamics.

How to Fight Fair

Fights are a reality in marriage; good and bad relationships have them. Fighting itself is not wrong, but how we do it makes it right or wrong. We must learn how to fight fair in love and relationships.

Split Sessions for Men and Women 

Men: Males and females are different regarding biological and physiological makeup, so communicating our needs and desires can be difficult. This session entitled Learning Love Languages will be incredibly beneficial for men to understand how to communicate with their loved ones in a more effective manner.

Women: The session entitled Love and Respect answers the question: “How do I show my partner that I love him?” It addresses men's five needs and how best to meet them.

 Wellness Program  

Covenant Educational Center is your wellness coordinator. 

We provide presentations and events that demonstrate how to incorporate lifestyle changes into one's routine and improve overall wellness.

Program Objective 

We use evidence-based tools to reduce or eliminate personal problems affecting employees/members' health and productivity. 

We aim to increase awareness of positive health behaviors, motivate employees/members to voluntarily adopt healthier behaviors, and provide opportunities and a supportive environment to foster positive lifestyle changes.


Dr. C. Carl Wilson, DBH, LPCC, CADC II,  currently serves as the CEO for Covenant Behavioral Health & Covenant Educational Center, a California non-profit community mental health clinic. Dr. Wilson is a licensed ordained minister with the UPCI. He has earned a Doctorate in Behavioral Health from Arizona State University and a Master’s in Counseling from Missouri Baptist University. He is a licensed clinical counselor in California and a licensed psychotherapist in Missouri and Iowa. Dr. Wilson has substance abuse, anger management, and human behavior certifications. After completing his military service, he prioritized working with the Department of Veteran Affairs, specializing in military trauma, PTSD, and substance abuse.

He currently serves as a conference, seminar, and workshop presenter, offering courses in wellness, anger management, substance abuse, and relationships. His background includes private practice and inpatient treatment and case management. His primary area of research has focused on treating comorbidity disorders.